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The AKROPOLIS Gift Voucher is a wonderful way to gladden a person dear to you. Grant the AKROPOLIS Gift Voucher as a present and let the gift recipient select from thousands of AKROPOLIS goods and amusements.

You can use AKROPOLIS Gift Voucher to pay at any AKROPOLIS outlets for goods and services (including MAXIMA shops in AKROPOLIS), except for the shops and service providers included in rules of use of AKROPOLIS Gift Vouchers.

Denomination of gift vouchers

5 Eur
Choose desired amount from
5 Eur to 500 Eur
500 Eur

You can exchange AKROPOLIS Gift Vouchers into smaller denominations at any venue where AKROPOLIS Gift Vouchers are offered for sale.

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Akropolio dovanų čekį galite įsigyti

AKROPOLIS in Vilnius
Ozo g. 25
  • AKROPOLIS Information Centre (at the 3rd entrance of Swedbank)
  • Outlet of "Gera dovana"
  • travel agency Megaturas
Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49
  • AKROPOLIS Information Centre (ground floor)
  • Outlet of "Gera dovana"
AKROPOLIS in Klaipėda
Taikos pr. 61
  • AKROPOLIS Information Centre
  • Outlet of "Gera dovana"
AKROPOLIS in Šiauliai
Aido g. 8
  • AKROPOLIS Information Centre
  • "Gardenijos žiedai" flower shop.