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Safety Respirator Air-Ace P2 Hygienic box model

Air-Ace safety respirator P2 to protect you against dust in hygienic box including 3pcs. P2 (R) filters and 1pcs. nuisance filter.

The Air-Ace is a different dust mask! It has been uniquely designed with focus on your comfort as well as your safety and can be used in all kinds of dusty work situations.

The Air-Ace is a dust mask with a number of distinct differences:

• The transparent front ensures correct change of filter.
• The Air-Ace is fitted with neat, adjustable head straps for easy use.
• The large “ear-to-ear” filter surface ensures minimum breathing resistance and maximum breathing ability.
• Mouthpiece and head straps can be replaced as spare parts.
• The air channels in the frame of the mask ensure a completely homogeneous spread of particles. • Mask and filters are stored in a solid and dust-proof plastic box.


• Highly effective filters, type P2 (R) ensures maximum filtering of air inhaled. The tight-fitting, ergonomic mouthpiece ensures all inhaled air passes through the filter.

P2 (R) filter: The filter is used as protection against common dust when working with metal, wood and stone etc. Filter is produced in accordance with NORM EN143:2000(A1:2006) and used as protection against air- as well as water-borne particles.

Carbon filter: The Air-Ace can also be fitted with an active carbon filter but is restricted to use against unpleasant odours. The carbon filter can only be used in combination with the P2 (R) filter. The filter is not approved as protection against toxic gases and mists.

• The mouthpiece comes in two sizes to ensure contoured fit for different shapes of face.
• A test plug is included with the kit to test airtight fit.
• Exhaled air is directed downward through a large, separate vent to keep mouthpiece cool and dry and to avoid condensation (ie glasses).
• The transparent front ensures correct change of filter.
• Masks are produced in non-allergy materials free from latex and silicone.
• A visor can be fitted directly on to the mask to protect the eyes.


• One Air-Ace filter replaces several disposable masks.
• First class materials make the Air-Ace long-lasting – up to several years.
• Head strap and mouthpiece are available as spare parts to prolong the lifetime of the mask.

• The ingenious head strap system makes the Air-Ace extremely easy to put on and take off.
• Large filter surface for easy breathing.
• Contoured to fit the face and produced in lightweight material to reduce tiredness in neck and back of the head.

The Air-Ace is produced in three attractive colours: Petrol Blue Shocking Pink Cool Black
BOX: Respirator, P@(R) filer 3 pieces, Carbon filter

STANDARTS: EN140, EN143, CE 0194

RECOMMENDED AREAS FOR USE • Industry and building sites • Installation of insulation and demolition • Work involving powder as well as materials likely to produce fibres and particles • Stripping and treatment of metal, wood and painting • Agricultural work involving corn and hay • Sawmills and other woodwork • Work involving soldering and metal • Technical laboratories • DIY activities • Cleaning in dusty conditions • Food industry • Working with animals • Allergy


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