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Workwear Pirate Trousers  Pesso Rip Stop

Pesso workwear Pirate Trousers  from an exceptionally strong 100% Cotton fabric RIP STOP. Costume combines 4 pieces: jacket, trousers, bibpants and bridges.

RIP STOP fabrics features: are woven fabrics using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving, (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. The intervals are typically 5 to 8 millimeters. Thin and lightweight ripstop fabrics have a 3-dimensional structure due to the thicker threads being interwoven in thinner cloth.

Advantages of ripstop are the favourable strength-to-weight ratio and that small tears can not easily spread. Ripstop fabrics are used in yacht sails, hot air balloons, kites, parachutes, remote control hovercrafts, camping equipment and other applications requiring a strong lightweight fabric. Ripstop reinforcement are incorporated into heavier fabrics requiring extreme durability.

· Functional pockets: four front pockets, two back pockets and  Knee pad pocket, folding rule pocket, leg pocket with zip and phone pocket inside and outside. Additionally You can order hanging pockets (product code PKDK).
· Comfortable  model does not restrict the freedom of movement.
· Triple-stitched for extra durability.
· Reinforced knee pad pockets 

Material: 100% cotton RIP STOP
Weight: 320 g/m2

Color: chaki

Sizes: C46-C62


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