News | 2013-08-15

Pegasas to Expand 5-Fold

In August, Vilnius Akropolis shopping centre shall open new Pegasas shop, the largest bookshop in the Baltic States both in terms of the commercial area, and in terms of the range of goods. The bookshop will offer a new concept; it will have an area of 2,700 m2, exceeding 5-fold that of Pegasas bookshop previously opened in Vilnius Akropolis, and shall offer its customers books, stationery, toys, art items, collectible coins; according to Lilija Tolbatova, general manager of ALG knygynai, the customers will have an opportunity to “escape daily routines and find magical world of books”.

“The concept of bookshops is undergoing changes world-over: their spaces offer numerous items of added-value to the customers, including specialised goods, not found in any other shop. We are happy to develop such an innovative bookshop in cooperation with Pegasas chain in Vilnius Akropolis shopping centre”, says Renata Jakubčionienė, manager of Akropolis LT.

The new bookshop shall offer both specialised goods sections as well as the popular Presto café. The new bookshop will offer readers a wide range of foreign books, primarily in English and Russian.

According to Ms Tolbatova, “In Akropolis shopping centre, we make a space with a unique aura of the world of books, opportunity for meaningful pastime, and broadening of horizons. This will be a place not just to make a purchase; it will be an opportunity to savour book selection process, i.e. to get to know and locate a piece appealing personally to you. The new bookshop will provide an environment to take one’s time with books; to scan them through, read, or enjoy its company in a café situated right in the bookshop, or just have a comfortable seat. What we aim at is an inspiring atmosphere, where time would stand still, and selection of a book would become not just a purchase, but a pleasure, encouraging curiosity, developing imagination and encouraging new ideas”. 


Didysis Pegasas

Phone numbers: (8 5) 238 7752
Working hours: 10.00-22.00