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+H2O tea blends for teapots

Find comfort in a small ritual - your cup, steaming water and fresh tea leaves.

+H2O - five blends of special whole leaf teas in silky pyramid bags. Perfect for small teapots or large mugs.

  • "IŠŠŪKIS": when you need a short RETREAT - a calming mix of meadow herbs, lime blossoms and white whole leaf tea, infused with berries and fruits.
  • "ATSIVĖRIMAS": when you’re seeking CREATIVE OPENINGS - a mix of classic Chinese whole leaf teas.

  • "ĮKVĖPIMAS": when you’re after INSPIRATION - an invigorating blend of white and green whole leaf tea, infused with blossoms and fruit.

  • "IŠŠŪKIS": when a CHALLENGE arises - a spritely blend of fermented and unfermented African rooibos tea, enriched with blossoms and citrus fruits.

  • "SUSIKAUPIMAS": when you need FOCUS - a rich blend of black whole leaf tea with cornflower blossoms and a delicate tone of Bergamot oi


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