Press releases

2013, Year of Change

“These are the changes to Akropolis shopping centre in Vilnius unseen since autumn 2004, where the second wing of the shopping and leisure centre was opened”, says Česlovas Urbonavičius, manager of Akropolis centre.

According to the estimates of the manager, in 2013, up to 15% of all commercial area available for lease at Vilnius Akropolis shopping centre was renewed. As Mr Urbonavičius outs it, “On any given year, some 15 fresh shops appear; while in 2013, in August alone, 12 new or refreshed shops will appear, including H&M and Pegasas bookshop. The area of these 2 shops alone is over 6,000 m2”.

This year, Akropolis shopping centre in Vilnius shall introduce new concepts by refreshed Monton, Esprit, Tally Weijl, Reserved, Mexx, Pull and Bear, Adidas/Reeebok shops; while new shops, opened or to be opened shortly in Vilnius Akropolis shopping centre include Nolo, Ombre, Batukas.lt, 7 Camicie, Saldūs majai, Gurmans, Dining and kitchen, Presto café, and Presto šokoladas boutique.