Vilnius AKROPOLIS as a Gate Way to the Lithuanian Commercial Market

In 2012, AKROPOLIS shopping and leisure centres in Vilnius, most popular destination centre in the Baltic States accommodated 15.13 million customers.

The largest shopping and leisure centre in the region, of an area of 110,000 m2, is home to 324 operators, including shops of garment, footwear, beauty products, household appliances, leisure goods, and jewellery, presented by some of the most renown international brands.

Most international brands first enter Lithuanian market by opening the first shops in Vilnius AKROPOLIS shopping centre. This was a choice made by Massimo Dutti, H&M, Next, Aldo, Reserved, and Adidas Kids. Vilnius AKROPOLIS shopping centre is a place where the latest shop concepts are presented and flagship parlours are installed.

Vilnius AKROPOLIS shopping centre offers its customers largest selection of goods and services; apart from leading shops of garments, footwear, and beauty products, you will find MAXIMA XXX shopping centre, Ermitažas construction and interior decoration centre, Elektromarkt household appliances and electronic centre, Jysk shop, largest bookshop in the country, branches of seven banks, open on weekends too.

AKROPOLIS also has exceptional another feature, i.e. leisure, offered daily to thousands of customers. AKROPOLIS in Vilnius includes an Ice arena, 8-halls cinema centre, 20-lane bowling club, and dozens of restaurants and cafés (seating up to 2,500 customers in total).

In the vicinity of the shopping and leisure centre, there is also a 6-storey AKROPOLIS business centre, offering B+ class offices.